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God can use You to your full potential!

Have you figured out your potential?

God has blessed me and I wanted to share the joy I have, I will be updating these pages as often as I can to help you understand the incredible love God has for us in sending his only son Jesus to live and die for us. A love that is so great that it will take me a lifetime to write.

This journey that I am taking is so joyful that words could not describe what I am feeling. I just want to give him the praise for all he has done and I know that he will continue to guide and bless me as long as I walk with him.

God's plan for every believer is made up of a lifetime of small opportunities. No matter what our career or calling may be. We should each seek ways to serve the Lord daily. We do this by ministering wherever we are to family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers.

The Lord gives His children gifts and talents for fulfilling His purpose. So, we know He wants to use us. The question we should be asking is, "Can God use me?" That is, have we made ourselves available to follow Him in any circumstance?

The areas of service set aside specifically for us are waiting. No one knows ahead of time exactly what God will require, but we can be sure He'll equip us with the right tools for the task.

Are you ready to say "yes, God can use me?" Tell the Lord that you're available to work for Him in any way He desires. He will respond by placing people and opportunities in your path. Through His strength, you'll do more to further the kingdom than you ever imagined. One day and one small act of service at a time.


God has placed in my heart to go and start a ministry in Mali in West Africa. In 2012 I made the choice to leave the USA and go to Mali. My journey is going to take me to a new coulture and will keep me busy. I was blessed to have the opportunity to meet with some people who wanted to know more about God, his son and the Holy spirit. I have been teaching about our creator and explaining the teachings of the Bible. This is an exciting journey so far. I feel that God is pleased with this new phase of my life.

With some of the village children in Mali.

Live a Christ Filled Life. I will share with you this wonderful feeling over the internet. Please join me Pastor Lloyd Matthews on this Incredible journey.

This website came about because of my brothers in Christ, when I lived in Kennewick WA, who urged me to start bible studies and came all the time. We quickly realised that christians did not know the bible as they should, going to church did not 'teach' them or did not get the depth of knowledge that they were thirsting for. I am not trying to usurp the church, but would encourage all to start reading the bible for themselves and get to know our creator. I hope that what you read here would motivate you to start on this journey in the bible.

God is always with me , as a child he stretched forth his hands to me, even when I did not really know him; I always held on firmly to his hands. I somehow knew that was where my strength came from. He loves me, He tells me so. He has a plan for my life and is changing me into my true self in His Eyes, He is my Potter, He shows me so. He sees my tears and hears my heart when I call, He answered me, Because He cares for me. He is Jesus the son of the Living God. Everytime I have doubts I remind myself of the things He has shown me and how He has shared His Love. My God is a great and Good God.

God can use you to your full potential.
Besides, you aren't the message -- you are the messenger.

This website is dedicated to my parents, especially my mother Mama Matthews. My siblings Ena, Joan, Mark and Joanna Matthews. Also my two daughters Elisabeth and Esther Matthews. I have wonderful parents who taught us about our creator and showed by example the love of Jesus. Most evenings my mother would gather us children to discuss the bible and sing hymns. These times looking back were the most enjoyable moments of my early days. For which I am truely grateful.

If you would like to contribute any monies to keep this ministry going, please use the donate button on the right. 100% of your donatation will go towards this ministry. This is a secure paypal website.

Many thanks and God bless you.


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